2 Wheel drive Curious chassis

2WD (Wheel Drive) Curious Chassis from Kit4Curious is a high quality robotic kit. The kit can be used to make a 2 Wheel drive robotic chassis for your robotic projects. The chassis has enough space and holes for Arduino, Motor driver, battery, switch, servo motor, ultrasonic sensor etc.

The kit is best suitable for Arduino based obstacle avoider robot or other Arduino and robotic projects.


  • 2 Acrylic chassis Plates
  • 2 B.O. Motors 2 B.O. Wheel
  • 1 Caster
  • 2 Clamps
  •  Acrylic parts for Ultrasonic Holder and servo holder
  • Screw, Spacer and nut-bolt pack


  • B.O. Motors = Straight, Double shaft
  • B.O. Motors speed = 300 RPM
  • Acrylic Platform = 15.0 X 8.6cm
  • Top Acrylic Platform  = 15.0 X 10.0cm
  • Wheels diameter = 6.5cm Dia
  • Wheels Width = 2.5cm Dia

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