4 Wheel drive Curious chassis

4WD (Wheel Drive) Curious Chassis from Kit4Curious is a high quality robotic kit. The kit can be used to make a 4 Wheel drive robotic chassis for your robotic projects. The chassis has enough space and holes to put your Arduino, Motor driver, battery, switch, servo motor, ultrasonic sensor etc. 


  • 1 Acrylic chassis
  • 4 Acrylic Pieces for motor support
  • 4 B.O. Motors
  • 4 B.O. Wheel
  • Acrylic parts for Ultrasonic Holder and servo holder
  • Screw, Clamp, Spacer and nut-bolt pack


  • B.O. Motors = Straight, Double shaft
  • B.O. Motors speed = 300 RPM
  • Acrylic chassis size = 17.8cm X 13.2cm
  • Wheels diameter = 6.5cm Dia
  • Wheels Width = 2.5cm Dia

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