Curious Arm

Curious arm is a low-cost, easy to build, Arduino compatible DIY robotic arm with 4 servo motors. It is a great kit for learning Robotics, Electronics, Programming and much more with a lot of fun.

4 High quality SG90 servo motors are used to provide 4 degree of freedom to the robotic arm. Complete instruction guide is provided with the kit to assemble the robotic arm.

4 Servo

Easy to build

Arduino compatible

Low cost

Easy to control

Best performance


You can use one of the following method to control the CURIOUS ARM

Potentiometer control

Use 4 Potentiometer and Arduino.

Slider Control

Use slider and Ardiono.

Joystick control

Use 2 Joystick and Arduino.

PC control

Use Curious Arm, Arduino and PC software.

Android control

Use Bluetooth module and Arduino and android app.

More control

Use Raspberry Pi or othe IoT Board.

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